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Scion tC VS Acura Integra GSR

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So here i was driving along a road 11:30 PM and going 45 MPH in a 45MPH zone so yes doing the speed limit minding my own bussiness. When here comes this car hauling ass in the left lane i can tell they are integra lights i was like great this guy wants to race i have 2 other people in the car first wasnt going to race period and secon People in the car. Well the dude comes flying up next to me and all of a sudden this happend

He hits his breaks the brakes lock up he comes dircetly in to the side of my car. Thatmight not look like much but just wait till the day shots that stuff will look totally different and that pisses me off. The reason for his ANTI LOCK BRAKES for LOCKING UP he has cut springs on his car the springs didnt sit like they were supose to and they jumped and pinched the break line on the front passanger side of his car. Thus causing him to slamm in to the side of me and creating a #### storm. For me if no body was with me I would have gone to jail for kicking a guys ass on the street. Good thing one of my passangers knew the driver he admited to the cop it was his fault cop wrote him a ticket thus proveing it was his fault and now i have to go to court to make sure this ass hole gets made to pay his ticket and i hope this F^ucker gets slammed with 100% of the fault wich it is looking good for me but man what that is going to do to my car for that time period oh man will i be pissed oh wait already am.
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glad you're okay. maybe you'll get supplied a rental while your car is getting fixed.
I hope so oh wait hmmmm my insurance might cover that hehehehehe. id still rather drive my babby she is going to miss me i know it.
Whats the point of loveing the car that much when $hit like this is going to happen to it, Makes me wonder at it. Hope the other driver feels lucky that i didnt get out and kick the $hit out of him cause when it happend i didnt care what i was going to do he was going down. But i didnt do it oh well my car now looks like crap and all i can do is be drepessed till it gets fixed.
aww man im so sorry such a sad story. i dont like driving next to punks who cant drive. i hope it all gets squared out...thank god for insurance!
Hell yea man THANK GOD for full insurance oh and i drove past where i got hit today during the day it is wierd the left side locked up not his right i think he hit me onpurpose but hell ill never know for sure.
Thats a horrible story, glad your ok.
pretty bAD. Have you ever heard of these things called periods by the way?
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come on now.
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ouch...well at least ure ok right? poor tc...
sorry to hear bout that, but i kno what u mean..those a$$es wanting to race n all...
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Yea man it is stupid dont get me wrong every now and then ill race but i try not to make a habbit of it once in a while on an abband road
Updated Day pictures

It looks a little worse now doesn't it...
Well at least to me it looks like crap and pisses me off every time i open the driverside door because the fender is F^cked Up and rubs on the door Damn it it really pisses me off.

Also no idea when it will get fixed wich pisses me off even longer.
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So who thinks i should get a body kit insted or just go stock abd get the Scion Lip Kit?
i think you should get the obsidian kit. that always works to cheer anyone up.
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Sep 29 2005, 06:28 PM
i think you should get the obsidian kit. that always works to cheer anyone up.
What does that look like. I kind of like the buddy club one on creative compacts but i am not sure i might just go stock once again.
More than a little worse (>_<)...
Sorry about your bady, at least your ok lol, car can always be fix,
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Yea it can i guess mayb ill get a kit or mayb ill go all stock again i dnt know oh well.
I'm definately gonna watch the left side of my car from now on....Seems that's the popular place for the Tc to get hit lately!
Yea deff is isnt it that sucks alot of driver side fenders that scion has to make
oh well the other dude are paying for it all hahahahahahahahaha.
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