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Scion tC Tein h-tech or S-Tech Springs

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hey i was reviewin few articles on the Scion tC Tein h-tech S-Tech Springs and then i saw the Scion tC Tein SS Super Street Coilovers and wanted to know what the difference is perhaps "coilovers" is the whole suspension package for instance springs, sway bar, shock set and such, and if it is worth purchasing is the ss super street coilovers worth the extra cash or would the basic work well enough you wont use the extra adjustments that the other offers just would like your input and opinions on these packages and which is rather worth it
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yeah i would like to see that coil over set if u could post a link
If you have the cash, the coilovers are the best route. I ordered the S-Techs last weeks and should be here this week- hopefully tomorrow. I wish I had enough for those coils though!!! has awesome prices.
Tein Resource belongs to a Supra friend of mine. Lots of Tein information, but not for the tC. I'll have to bug him about it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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