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I noticed that a member of this forum sells homemade wiring harnesses for the Stock Scion head unit, so i thought someone might have the part i'm looking for and would be willing to part with it for some money...

When i took out the stock head unit for my Scion tC to install an Eclipse CD8053 a few months back, instead of buying the correct wiring harness for it, i just cut the stock wiring input off, and soldered all the wires to the headunit. Yeah, wrong thing to do, but it's too late now...

I'm trying to install the stock head unit BACK in the Scion tC in order to sell the car, and thus i need a STOCK wiring harness that will plug into the back of the stock head unit, and then i'll either solder the wires to the vehicles wiring or use butt connectors to connect it.

In looking into the problem, on the website under the model name for the headunit (DEH-M8037ZT/UC) i found a variety of "connectors" but i have no idea which connector is the correct one, and then even if it was, it wouldn't have the correct wires coming out the back...

What i really need, is just what i cut off and threw away; the thing that connects to the back of the stock Scion tC head unit, with all the wires intact so i know what to connect to what... IF any of you have this, i will pay via PayPal for it...

I apologize that this is my first post on these forums is a question, but i didn't know what else to do, thanks alot for any helpful responses!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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