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Scion tC model anyone?

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I did a search and came up empty. I got a letter today from Scion about the recent service campaign on my 05 tC sunroof. It apologized for any inconvenience that may have occurred and said "as a token of appreciation for your confidence in our brand, please accept the ENCLOSED limited edition JADA tC produced specially for Scion." I only got the letter in a flat envelope so there was nothing enclosed. I did the Scion live chat thing and they are looking into it as others have got the same letter and no model either. It appears that there was supposed to be a little model tC as well. Anyone get the little car?
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too bad you can't get that cooper red on the real tC. Oh wait, maybe when RS3 comes out....
I like my grilles better, and that color is awful, but I still want one!
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the car aint on Jada's website, whered you guys get them from?
if you took ur tc in to be serviced for the wind deflector recall, then scion should send you 1 in the mail for free...i was absolutely amazed...btw they are on ebay selling for almost 100 bucks
you = me:

GregT:Hi, my name is GregT. How may I help you?
You: Hi there.
You: I've been seeing a bunch of talk about a model tC being sent to owners that have had the wind deflecter fix performed.
You: Mine was done some time ago and I was wondering if I should expect one?
GregT: Did you receive a letter in the mail confirming this fact? Are you the registered owner?
You: I am the registered owner, but haven't gotten a letter.
GregT: Have you recently moved?
You: Haven't moved.
GregT: Ok.
You: Been here for much longer than I've had the car.
You: So I take it you are familiar with this and it's not some rumor?
GregT: We have been notified to advise customer the tC model should be arriving 3-4 weeks after receiving the letter. However, if you have not received a letter please contact us.
GregT: Please contact us as we do need to ask you a few more questions in order to better manage any concerns you may be experiencing. We would be happy to assist you. You may contact us directly at 1-866-70-SCION.
You: will do.
GregT: Yes, customer should be receiving a model tC if they were involved in the wind deflector program.
You: Thanks.
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why would they send the letter but not the car??? kinda dumb...i got my car and letter together but the guy that started this post said they got the letter but no car kinda strange
The gal on the phone at Scion said to look for the model in four to six weeks.
looks like imma get my deflector fixed ASAP
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