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you = me:

GregT:Hi, my name is GregT. How may I help you?
You: Hi there.
You: I've been seeing a bunch of talk about a model tC being sent to owners that have had the wind deflecter fix performed.
You: Mine was done some time ago and I was wondering if I should expect one?
GregT: Did you receive a letter in the mail confirming this fact? Are you the registered owner?
You: I am the registered owner, but haven't gotten a letter.
GregT: Have you recently moved?
You: Haven't moved.
GregT: Ok.
You: Been here for much longer than I've had the car.
You: So I take it you are familiar with this and it's not some rumor?
GregT: We have been notified to advise customer the tC model should be arriving 3-4 weeks after receiving the letter. However, if you have not received a letter please contact us.
GregT: Please contact us as we do need to ask you a few more questions in order to better manage any concerns you may be experiencing. We would be happy to assist you. You may contact us directly at 1-866-70-SCION.
You: will do.
GregT: Yes, customer should be receiving a model tC if they were involved in the wind deflector program.
You: Thanks.
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
Not open for further replies.