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Depends on how/where you get your files. If you rip em yourself from CD's I've never seen winamp or musicmatch jukebox fail to find and name the mp3's If you download them though thats when things get dicy. Any number of things can cause it to get confused and then you have to input the information manualy. After trying MANY p2p programs, websites, ftp sites, etc... I find the best place to download is they have the largest collection of torrents and one of the easiest to use and search databases. Of course you will need a BitTorrent client to download them though. The best part about is you can often download whole cd's at once and serious users post there, so you will always find high quality, correctly named and often album art included downloads.

Disclaimer: While I think the RIAA is a bunch of ass holes and the record industry is just too greedy in general, I don't advocate "stealing" their "Intelectual Property" If you like the album go out and support the artist by buying it. If ya don't then good for you, you saved $20 and didn't buy that crap.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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