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Hi all,

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Alan and I work for a computer game company here in England. Now we are currently starting up production of a new racing game and we have numerous cars we need info on, one of them being the Scion tC. Now as most of you will know we do not get Scion's here, a handful are maybe imported but its very hard to come by accurate info.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we are looking for an owner who has a standard Scion tC who would be willing to take some photos of their car. Mostly of the front and rear lights, details like badges and maybe good photos of the front, rear and side of their car. The less perspective in these pics the better. Or better still has anybody got blueprints or schematics of the tC?

We would also be interested to speaking to anybody who own bodykitted cars.

I'm afraid there is not much reward for the help apart from a credit in the game and bragging rights to your fellow forum members.

I really hope to hear from any of you soon. Please don't let the fact that I own a Honda Civic Type-R put you off

Thanks for your time, this is not a wind up.

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We are already in discussions with Scion and Toyota for the rights to feature in our game. We have close contacts already with Toyota as they were in one of our last games SRS. It would be foolish to feature a world brand without getting prior permission:)

You might think we would get loads of help but unless you're Polyphony you don't get much help. Hence why I need really good pics of lights, logos, elevations etc.

Anybody care to help, I have had some help from zoltiz with a repair manual but still looking for those high res photos.

Thanks for the interest:)
Bless both of you for answering my call for help

What I need is really good high res shots of the front, rear and side with the least perspective in them as possible. The best way to do this is to stand as far back away from the car as possible (I suggest going to an empty car park) and then zoom into the car. Obviously this might affect the photo with camera shake so you might have to have a tripod or a support for you arms. If possible a shot from above but unless you have a really big ladder this will be impossible. Shots down the side of the car showing the contours of the bodywork are also very helpful

We would like to have good photos of the front and rear lights. Shots face on, one from 3/4, one from the side and one from the top. helpful to have the same sort of shots fro things like wing mirrors, wheels, door handles. We would like shots of any logos on the car.

This is all needed in an effort to get the car as accurate as possible for the game and to keep Scion and Toyota happy.

When we take photos we usually take about 200 but obviously we are not expecting you to go to those lengths. Anything you can supply will br gratefully received. As said before we can't offer much but you will at least get a credit in the game and be associated with (hopefully) one of the biggest racing games next year.

I am hoping to set up a folder in our FTP site so you can download the photos directly to us so you don't have to go to the laborious task of emailing the photos.

Once again thanks for the offers of help and hopefull will speak to you soon. You can e-mail me on the e-mail in my profile and I will give out my work e-mail so we can talk directly. Or feel free to MSN me.

You can see a bit about our company at if you are interested.


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Originally posted by hamster@Sep 22 2005, 02:00 AM
have you checked out the photos from here?

those things are big... might have some of the angles you are looking for... i would supply you some pics of my own.. but my camera only has 2 mega pixles... so it woudlnt be very good quality
I downloaded all them last week. We can use them as reference but we still need those very specific images as I detailed before.

The photos ideally should be about 1280x960x24 size but 1040 will do. But as with all things the bigger the better
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Originally posted by bluesciontc@Sep 22 2005, 02:02 AM thats my cardomain My camera has 7.2 mega pixels but i can get my hands on a camera that has alot more then that if you need better quality let me know.

Hey Steve,

Your camera should be plenty enough. As I said above we can use 1280x960x24 but if you can do bigger like 1600 or 1960 then cool.

I am having a look at your car and it looks standard so it will be ideal. Ideally we prefer a lighter coloured car (dark colours seem to always lose detail) but beggers can't be choosers.

Can you e-mail or MSN me at [email protected] and we can discuss this in more detail if you want to help.

Thanks for your time and look forward to your reply.
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Originally posted by krdshrk@Sep 22 2005, 08:43 AM
Oh hey cool.... your company made Big Mutha Truckers!
Yes we did, plus Big Mutha Truckers 2, SRS: Street Syndicate Racing, Ford Mustang Racing and a new game we have just finished with Ford and Chevrolet.
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Sep 22 2005, 12:42 PM
i hope this game has better graphics than SRS with a better storyline. also, you may want to think about making it possible for your car to not basically get totalled after one race. just a suggestion, im not flaming you. but those two points was the downfall of SRS. i hope you learn fromt the mistakes. i did, however, enjoy big muthatruckers. is there anything you can compare to, as in how the graphincs might look? such as like need for speed underground 2 perhaps? any insights on what thegame might look like also?
The graphics will be a step on from SRS but there are many limiting factors with regards to graphics. With what we were working to I felt SRS was quite good. The storyline we have nothing to do with. And there will be no damage with this game.

Not to worry, I don't think you are flaming me. We accept SRS wasn't perfect but hopefully this game will address those highlighted problems. It should look like Forza Motorsports.

The game will be ready fingers crossed second quarter of next year. I have already spoke to admin here and will let them know closer to the release date. I can't give you any more info at this moment in time
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Originally posted by krdshrk@Sep 22 2005, 02:27 PM
I actually prefer Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition over NFSU2. I'd love to see this game on my PSP - drive around in my tC, stop for lunch, break out the PSP and..... play a game where I drive around in a tC!

We are developing the game to be released on PSP as well so your dream will come true.
krdshrk I have PMed you with the ftp details where you can upload the photos. Cheers bud, we owe you one

We have had Honda Civic in the UK for a long while now, but only since the EP3 have we had the Type-R.

Hopefully you will all have your dreams come true and have a good racing game with a Scion tC, which by the way will have fully licensed bodykits, engine upgrades etc

I will talk to you all later about the bodykits.

bluesciobtc hope you hget your car fixed soon. Not to worry about getting photos taken. Looks like you have more pressing concerns. Good luck mate.
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