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Hi all,

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Alan and I work for a computer game company here in England. Now we are currently starting up production of a new racing game and we have numerous cars we need info on, one of them being the Scion tC. Now as most of you will know we do not get Scion's here, a handful are maybe imported but its very hard to come by accurate info.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we are looking for an owner who has a standard Scion tC who would be willing to take some photos of their car. Mostly of the front and rear lights, details like badges and maybe good photos of the front, rear and side of their car. The less perspective in these pics the better. Or better still has anybody got blueprints or schematics of the tC?

We would also be interested to speaking to anybody who own bodykitted cars.

I'm afraid there is not much reward for the help apart from a credit in the game and bragging rights to your fellow forum members.

I really hope to hear from any of you soon. Please don't let the fact that I own a Honda Civic Type-R put you off

Thanks for your time, this is not a wind up.

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Originally posted by Alanok+Sep 22 2005, 09:04 AM-->QUOTE (Alanok @ Sep 22 2005, 09:04 AM)
@Sep 22 2005, 08:43 AM
Oh hey cool.... your company made Big Mutha Truckers!
Yes we did, plus Big Mutha Truckers 2, SRS: Street Syndicate Racing, Ford Mustang Racing and a new game we have just finished with Ford and Chevrolet. [/b]
Well since you are a fellow member of the game industry I have a solution for you.

My best friend is a 3D modeller that is damn good at creating 3D characters, normal maps, etc in 3DSMax... he's also quite handy at ZBrush for creating that high-poly detail

Since I own a Scion tC I can have him do several things... 1) either model the car for you under contract, or 2) have him take reference shots for another artist. Seeing as how he is running short on cash I'd prefer if you went option #1... but #2 will work. He's done contract work for Guild Wars and I believe he is doing some stuff for SWAT 5 now. He's also the lead artist for the mod Forsaken, and responsible for all animations, 3D character modelling, and bringing art assets into the game.

PM me if you want some more details
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