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Scion TC headlights

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i know there is probably no Scion TC projector headlights out yet so i wont be surprised, however, does anyone know where you can buy OEM style Scion TC headlights online? and about how much do they run?

the reason i ask is because i want to do a H.I.D. retrofit for when i get my TC.
i would prefer to get an extra set of headlights so i can send them out and have a company do a H.I.D. retrofit in them.

if anyone knows where to get some OEM style headlights online post up.

or maybe projector headlights..... but i highly doubt there are any.
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i've seen ONE on ebay just today, so you might try that out.
You can get the OEM's at or for $140 each. See my website with info on opening up the headlight cases if your intrested in installing your own kit. and scroll down to the 'Headlight mod"
Are there any replacement bulbs that will work? I want to replace the standard bulbs with blue halogen. The info page says that they are standard 9005, 60W for the High Beams and 9006's for the low. These are fairly common. Has anyone tried replacements?
alright here goes.....all u guys are new so definitiely welcome tot he site....

now, the search is ur friend, use it but keep it broad dont be too descriptive...if u do ur search will head no results

ex. if u searching for replacing headlights...simply type

"headlights" bulbs...silverstars...HIDS.....etc... but if u do it all it will look for every single word ina single post (very very unlikely)

also dont forget to highlight the option that says "search post from" ANYTIME

this should help u in the future

Heres a thread devoted to aftermarket bulb replacement

Once again welcome to the site
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