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Scion tc gets REALLY hot under the hood

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I just got a brand new Scion tc, Iv had it for about a week and Iv noticed that after driving around for like 15min it gets REALLY hot under the hood and i could litteraly burn myself if i touch the area just over the passenger side head light. Is this normal or should i check it out????
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You are aware that an engine makes power from explosions, right?
Yea Im aware thanks, but im tellin you its really hot. Iv had a care before and it never felt like that. Anyway i guess i shouldn't worry then...Huh
As long as your temperature guage registers at normal levels you should have nothing to worry about.
I know my Honda got really hot nothing to worry about. If it really bothers you I think they make a heat sheild you can put under the hood.
Thanks, I dont think It'll bother me anymore. Does anyone have any pics of a tricked out scion???
It's fine, remeber this four banger engine makes as much hp and tourqe as a mid 90's v6. As engines become more efficient they will get hotter.
Thanks Ryan, now i could just chill and enjoy my ride without wondering if something might be wrong wit it.
Also remember, the engine is aluminum (at least I think I remember reading that) which will dissapate more heat than you might be used to. It will seem hot, but I promise you it is not.
you should package a steak and vegetables in aluminum foil, put it on your engine block, take a drive around town and enjoy dinner dinner.
Engine block grilled cheese is easier and less prone to leak fat into your engine bay. Just remember to fold the edges of the foil in TIGHT.
Originally posted by Ryan'sTc@Jul 10 2005, 07:22 AM
As engines become more efficient they will get hotter.
Did I just read that?

Somebody failed science.
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The number one hp robbing unit in your car is your radiator. It robbs you of power and mileage. As I was explained in auto shop in early college an efficent and very powerfull engine would not give up any heat. It would retain all energy for the best result. So what I'm trying to say is as engines get better they will get hotter. Look at a engine from say the 70's. You would blow the radiator by the time most modern engines are warmed up.
No, the #1 power thief is a non-adiabatic thermal cycle. The exhaust is also hot. You lose about 1/3 of the energy to the cooling system, 1/3 to the exhaust and get about 1/3 in kinetic energy. An adiabatic engine would be cold to the touch, have ambient temperature exhaust, and no cooling system would be needed. It would also be 100% thermally efficient. It is the holy grail of engine design, and the closest man has come is some diesels that are just a bit over 50% thermally efficient. So, as engines get better, they get colder.
No, the idea is for no piece to require any dissapation of heat, an ideal engine would run 100% at ambient temp both coming in and going out.

Temp Drop = Energy loss
Originally posted by Ryan'sTc@Jul 13 2005, 06:12 AM
So your saying the engine would retain all heat to make more energy?
The ideal engine converts all the heat available from the fuel to kinetic energy. It doesn't retain any heat at all, it turns it all into motion.
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