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Scion Security vs. Aftermarket for $250 installed

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I've just spent an hour reading 8 months worth of posts about Scion Security, and still can't find a good list of pros and cons. "Stock alarm sucks" does not count - what doesn't it do that an aftermarket alarm will?

I can get it for under $250 shipped and I will install it myself, so if considering aftermarket, it has to be in this range *installed* - cause I have no idea how to install aftermarket alarms...

Question is - if aftermarket is better - then why is it better? Does it scare thieves more, etc?

And for those who have the stock alarm installed and played with the features - what are you favorite, and does it have automatic door locking when you start driving? Install manual does not mention anything like that and I can't seem to find programming or owners manual for it

I will appreciate any and all argumentative objective opinions.
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I have the alarm and my doors do not lock after I start driving, I wish they did. The only reason I got the Scion alarm as opposed to an aftermarket was because I didn't want to have to use another remote. I also had no need for anything fancy like the car paging me or remote start.
I should have played with your alarm today... Do you have the owner's manual? Does it have programming instructions for delays / horn, etc?
Let me go look.
It tells you how to turn on passive mode and set the delays.
And more importantly, how to set the sensitivity.
I looked at the factory alarm. Found that for the same money (Dealer installed), I could get a remote start Viper with the paging led remote.

I think the single most important thing about security in these cars is the chipped keys (transponder). The cars are not easy to steal, even without an alarm.

I have not been overly impressed with the factory alarm in my wifes Camry, otherwise I would have probably gotten the Scion security package.
The upgrade's feature list is pretty short. I bought it for both cars because my insurance discount for having it covers the total cost in about 5 years.

The biggest plus for me is I won't have someone hacking into a perfectly well-built OEM harness with Scotch taps and causing mystery electrical problems some years down the road. I've seen too many aftermarket installs that were less than stellar for reliability.

To me, the upgrade fits right into the extended warranty thinking. I got Toyota Extra Care because I've had it before and it is absolutely the same as the original 36k bumper to bumper deal. Toyota made it, they warranted it, they have to support it, and they can't blame some aftermarket piece for why the car does something it shouldn't or doesn't do something it should. No brainer for me.
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the dealer told me the stock alarm is useless. he said the alarm will only go off if someone brakes into your car by the door. after market alarms will go off if something hit your car.
I went with a hornet alarm
Door or window. It has a shock and a glass breakage sensor.
Labfish, are you sure it has a shock sensor? I got the impression it only had a glass sensor.

I got it because I didn't want someone to be drilling holes and cutting wires plus the all-in-one key/remote is pretty convenient.
I have the Scion security system mainly because I didn't want to go without one once I got the car. Plus, I didn't expect to get the car as soon as I did -def. not a bad thing tho (thanks to Damon for being so great at what he does). Didn't research alarms ahead of time
Ah well I've had no problems or complaints thus far. Some of you got alarms that have a pager "thingy" (<-yea real Tech. terms) on them-is this something I can add to my stock alarm?
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I didn't get a scion security system owners manual =/

Could ya post up the details on how to change the sensitivity, delays, etc?
It has a mini mic that you see at the bottom of the secrurity tab. It is designed to listen for the destintive sound of glass breaking. At that point it disables the starter and sets off the alarm.
Yeah sorry no shock. Just glass breakage mic like Ryan says.
Originally posted by ksmart@Feb 21 2005, 11:45 AM
Labfish, are you sure it has a shock sensor? I got the impression it only had a glass sensor.
It definately has a shock sensor, when I leave my dog in the car and he barks... it sets it off... Friggin Drives me nutz...
That's the microphone for the glass breakage that he's setting off. LoL
It definately has a shock sensor, when I leave my dog in the car and he barks... it sets it off... Friggin Drives me nutz... [/quote]
lol...Well atleast we know it works.
Note to self: Remember when dog's in the car he's the alarm...
yeah but you can't deactivate him. And the alarm would activate passively once you were out of it for 30 seconds
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