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I've had my tC for about 9 months now, with only 5, 600 miles on it. I've had problems with the car ever since the first month. First it was the car not cranking at times. Once, I took my car to an auto detail shop, and a detailer came to me and said he couldn't get my car to start. It took about an hour to get it started. Other problems include whistling coming from my sunroof, when closed, and numerous rattles throughout. The worst problem I've had has been the transmission. Mine is an automatic, and sometimes it slips gears. Especially when I am driving at normal speeds of 70-75 mph, and I make the car go into passing gear. The car will get stuck in the lower gear and it takes a few minutes to shift out. THe other day I watched the rpm's shoot up to 8000 and then drop to 1000. This was while driving at speeds of 60 mph and shifting into passing gear. Has anyone else had the same problems?

I contacted Scion yesterday and opened a case. A representative should be calling me back within 24 hours. If anyone has had any problems relating to this, please let me know.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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