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It's a profit center, nothing more. There is no significant advantage to paint protection or interior treatments (if you want to Scotchgard your car, buy a couple of spray cans and DIY for less than $20). These treatments are cash money for the dealers because they spend almost nothing to do them, and there is little if any proof they even went on.

There is however, an insurance feature to some of the interior products. The ex "bought" a '98 Landcruiser and got the interior protection because they said anything that stained the interior would be covered and repaired or replaced at no charge. She managed to spill orange soda on a beige interior. It ruined the floor mats and stained the carpet in the first two weeks she had the truck. It all got fixed under the protection plan. Well worth it in that case. Check the details of what they offer, the value is in the fine print.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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