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Scion Paint Sealant w/Enviro. Protect? worth it?

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ok so i have been trying to figure out a few ways on how to protect my cars paint so i can retain the nice showroom shine that we first get upon purchase, I KNOW you all love the showroom shine

i have heard so many rumors on how to take care of your paint and i am just totally lost. I DID use search and read up about zaino but scion offers this Paint sealant deal (price starting @ $565)

this covers:
car gets "special teflon wax" twice a year done by dealer, plus a lifetime of "finish renewer" which replaces wax & is a cleaner.

Scion claims this protects and warrants paint finish from fading, chalking, oxidation and loss of gloss.

has anyone got this option and how much have you paid? how did it first look when you got the car done, and how does it look now?

also they offer the "undercoating option" which reduces road noise by 30-40% and improves insulation and underbody apearance. this also helps to protect the car from mud dirt and road salt.

i live in maryland and here our state oversalts the crap out of roads. this is priced at $595 and it seems like a good investment, just not for the money.

has anyone got this ? i know that if you dont have it you could just take your car to the car wash and rinse the underbody of it, but we cant always remove every last bit of salt. also i was told this is only worth it if you plan on keeping the car for a long time, which i fully intend on doing even if i have to rinse the #### out of it every winter.

i know for the Scion vehicles they have the "pure pricing" which means you cant haggle the price of the car but im sure we can haggle the price of these potentially beneficial options. has anyone done so?


i was told that you should not wax a car as soon as you get it because the "paint isn't dry upon purchase" and you should wait a few months after buying to this true? or another rumor? come on you moderators and car buffs i know you know something! i was told that our clear coat kinda has "pores, like skin" and that when we first get it that "the pores are open" and therefore by purchasing the "Paint Sealant" option it "closes the pores of the clear coat" preventing it from oxidizing and getting dirty from any other source. is this bs? it sounds legit, and i would think by applying a protection or a wax upon purchase would only strengthen the clear coat or shine from the start (which is the best you will get unless you get it repainted)

help me out! im getting my tc this week and i need good advice asap brothers and sisters!
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i had this option offered to me and i didnt take it. The price is just too high. Another thing is that it only covers up to 5years. the first five years nothing is going to happen to the paint. THats what i thought of the option. I wouldnt take it if i were u
Your story reminds me of a suspiciously similar product that is offered by dealers in the southeast.

Southeast Toyota (SET) dealers offer this "product" called "Toyoguard." They tell you all kinds of fantastic stuff about how it protects the finish of your paint and any number of other great things. They charge you $700 or so, and you go home with an invisible coating on your car and two or three little bottles of cleaning or protectant products that say "Toyoguard" on them.

Having had two cars that came with Toyoguard (1989 Corolla DX and 1999 Corolla CE) and one car that did not (tC), I have to say that I think that it's a big scam. I am skeptical that the car is in any way different with the "protectant" option than it is without. I think it's just an easy way for them to charge you $700 for three little bottles.
It's a profit center, nothing more. There is no significant advantage to paint protection or interior treatments (if you want to Scotchgard your car, buy a couple of spray cans and DIY for less than $20). These treatments are cash money for the dealers because they spend almost nothing to do them, and there is little if any proof they even went on.

There is however, an insurance feature to some of the interior products. The ex "bought" a '98 Landcruiser and got the interior protection because they said anything that stained the interior would be covered and repaired or replaced at no charge. She managed to spill orange soda on a beige interior. It ruined the floor mats and stained the carpet in the first two weeks she had the truck. It all got fixed under the protection plan. Well worth it in that case. Check the details of what they offer, the value is in the fine print.
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