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I was seriously considering the Acura TSX, Honda Civic Si at first, but if you really think about what you are buying a car, and want the most bang for the buck, you'd have to consider the likes of the tC, Acura TSX is of course the best car of the 3, but at the price range it is a completely different class, no you might ask why not consider the Acura RSX, first my brother has one, and so does everybody else, and plus the regular RSX in my opinion is not as good as the Civic Si, now you might say what about the RSX Type S, well its more expensivethan the regular and the Si, so yah, Both Honda and Acura (pretty much the same brand) have around the same reliability in my eyes, pretty much same parts in both as well, but when compared to Toyota reliability, I'd have to say Toyota is better, just from past experiences (my parents), now we have to consider what we get for spending around $20k, (i would have to say that the Si, and the Type S are faster than tC (dont hate me, just my opinion, + there's a bigger market for the enthusiasts) So that in mind, performance is better for the Si and Type S, but at higher RPMs, tC on the other hand is more practical in that, the peaks are a lil lower, and thus better for daily "spirited" driving, the tC if my memory serves me right, passed all the crash tests with flying colors as well which is also good, + we get nice features such as, mp3 player, tweeters, panoramic moonroof, lounge set up, reclinable rear seats, and overall more room at the sacrafice of trunk space, not to mention the window buttons with the "autos," *okay at this point im rambling but what im trying to say is, you get a lot more for you money with the tC, *all those lilttle comfort features that make a dailydriver nice* that being said i think the tC really shines in affordability, i myself purchased around 3000 worth of options and came out less than my brothers automatic RSX
My experience in ride. is comepletely different from the tC to the RSX, i think the RSX is a little to bumpy for my taste, on *stock* springs, you can feel everything in the RSX, which really annoy me after a while. On the tC however, the ride is nice and smooth most of the time, so i prefer the tC in that respect,,

Okay just to sumarize for you lazy people, tC is a better deal due to the standard options, as well as the availbility of dealer options, the RSX,Si perform better for more "race car like ppl" which is enhanced by the HUGE aftermarket opportunities, in the end i think you get more for what you pay with the tC with its Toyota Quality

okay my post probably made no sense, i was typing this on and off while chatting so i hope everything is coherent

1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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