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Calling all Xa, Xb and TC Owners.....

Scion exposed invades the East Coast on October 10, 2004 at the Wachovia Center in Philly. Owners and enthusiasts from all over the east coast will unite to celebrate "what moves you". The goal is to gather as many Scion owners, their cars, and friends for an afternoon that includes music, food, a car show, urban artists, go karts and more. Not currently a Scion owner? That's OK! Join us, and learn what it's all about. Help us make this the largest Scion event to date!

For more information go to:
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I just got a little flyer in the mail about this! Anyone else planning on going? I'm really interested and since I have the weekend off I may just make a go of it!
that does sound really enticing.....the drive from NY though....pain in the ass
Originally posted by whosthatrussian@Sep 24 2004, 08:12 AM
that does sound really enticing.....the drive from NY though....pain in the ass
I'm coming from Buffalo... about 7.5 hours of driving if I DON"T hit traffic. But I'm going anyways. Gotta try to find a hotel though for saturday night.
That would be a really long drive for me. That, and this time of year, I don't go north.
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its been beautiful up north here recently. I'm sure they'll be doing more of these next year. I wait till next year.
I'm planning on going.....Doing the Skyline Drive on Saturday in Front Royal and then turning around and driving to Philly.

I just gotta' figure out if I want to stay in Philly Saturday night, or somewhere nearby. And, if I'm gonna' try to stay in Philly, I gotta' figure out how to find a nearby hotel that has vacancies.

Anyone going that can recommend a place to stay? I've never been to Philly so I'm completely in the dark about this, and I'll probably be going by myself, which I'm not really thrilled about........
i'm going (45 min drive)... and i'm gonna look for you, ok?
IM GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D i already RSVPed
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OK, so I made my hotel reservations....Saturday and Sunday night at the Holiday Inn - Philadelphia STADIUM.

Anyone else staying there, by any chance?

Also, anyone have any ideas for how we can find each other up there? I'd hate to think we'd be in the same event and not get to run into each other and have some group photo or something. That could be fun....
i'll be there but i wont be stayin at any hotels ...

as for finding me.. hrmm i dunno??? .. keep yelling MOOGOO and i'll find u eventually

btw.. anybody know the start /end time for this????? i didnt notice it anywhere
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8-12 Roll in for the Car Show (ie: to enter your car for a chance to win money and trophies for stuff like the mods you're done to you car, or the distance you traveled to get to the event).

12-5 Event time
cool... well i wont be entering any contests since i have nothing really special in my tC... but i'll be there
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Well, I didn't get to meet anyone.....

But, I did get to put 903 miles on my baby and take some pics while I was at it.

Here's a link, if you'd like to see 'em.
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i myself got a hat (got 1st in go-karts! YEA!!) and some keychains... other than that i didnt win anything in the raffle nor was I daring enough to dive for free tshirts... *sigh*... it was neat though...

too many orange xBs imho
See less See more kidding. I thought I felt a little less "unique" after FINALLY seeing other non-dealership owned tCs but can you imagine what a Hot Lava owner was feeling right about then?

You'd think, for a limited edition vehicle, that there would be less than 20 of them there...but I guess that's just asking for too much. ;-)
heh... u would think
but the one guy had an insane sound system in his xB.. it was incredible... a few people had a really nice system in their tC as well.. but personally i need the cargo space
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sounds like i didn't miss too much... but glad you had a good time!
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