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SCCA Roll Bars and cages now available!

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As an enthusiast building a very quick autocross, track day tC I have been working with Autopower, a very trusted manf, and a So Cal tC owner here for the last couple of months to arrange getting a donor car in to develop these for us. The full race cage (loose the back seat access), SCCA approved roll bar(optional removable cross and harness bars for rear seat access) and a street bar(not SCCA approved) made for our cars.

1) Autopower will finish the installation of the tC roll cage prototype tomorrow.

2) They now have all the data to build roll bars, cages, etc for our cars.

3) They build to order, not to stock items unless a shop wants to have some on hand.

4) No pics because I am letting the car owner that donated their car since last Sunday have first crack at the honor of being the first with a full race cage(that I know of)

5) All the Autopower cages and bars look similar because they are all derived from SCCA roll cage specs, just a few minor things to fit each individual car.

6) To get an idea of what they will look like go to the website listed belowand check them out, no pics of any of their products, just generic drawings.

7) They are avaiable for order now from your local vendor, distributor, etc... expect approx a two week wait this time of year for delivery.

8) All prices are on thier website, standard and options, built to order how you want it.

That is it, no speculation, no waiting for vaporware, they are ready to manf them when you are ready to place your order. If you want pics you will have to wait until somebody gets their order and posts pics, we are the first one on the list, we ordered ours yesterday, in approx two weeks we will have it.

Any more questions just ask, please refrain from negative comments as there is absolutely no reason to do so;) If you do not want a roll bar or cage or need one cool, if you do want or need one and need advice on what to get just ask, glad to help you out:)


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sick. thanks for all the data, rick. pics after your donor gets his ride back would be very cool.
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