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Originally posted by 24 2005, 09:56 PM
So yeah I'm driving home today in the left lane of a 6 lane road doing about 70 and some jack ass in an old explorer thinks that my lane is the middle turn lane and he had to of been doing about 50-60 too. So he's coming right at me and he turns to go back into the middle lane so I start moving to the right lane to dodge him, then this tard decides that's he's gonna go ahead and make the turn doing about 50 and throws his wheel to the left leaving him RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. So I hit the brakes and throw my wheel left to dodge him and put my tC sideways, power slide for about 2 seconds and put her back into the left lane.

FUN, but scary as all hell. Hopefully she's alright didn't seem to do anything to her but she's only got about 350 mi on her and I know you're supposed to go easy for the first 500 or so.

I guess those long nights with GT4 and the logitech wheel payed off!
hey scott.. glad you're alright.. but yeah i really wonder how many people are either drunk or on drugs out there driving.. the crazy stuff they do amazes me..
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