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Howdy y'all!
This month I'll own a new '06 tC.
I'm so stoked.

However I'm planning ahead and looking for some good places that do things.
Can anyone recommend a good window tinting place in Sac?
Also looking for a good car stereo place, and alarm install place too.
Thanks a bunch.
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yep, thats where i would send you, too. so far, i think we have sent at least 35 people to him from our dealer, and its been all super positive reviews. andre love is the tint-master.
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Dec 1 2005, 02:59 PM
Click here.
Thanks, I'll visit The Professional.
just make sure they don't scratch your brand new baby like they did mine. Nasty scratch on the trunk, Luckily I'm in the paint business so I was able to almost get it out. 99% gone. But other than the scratches incident they did good work and fast. Plus the price they give you is the price, it includes tax which is always cool.
wow, that sucks terran. i haven't heard of them messing up like that yet.

how's that tC treating ya? is the boss off your back now?
It's cool From what I heard that was a freak accident you guys don't steer people wrong, Anyways I'm having the tint PROfessionals tint the front windows very very lightly probably next week
any suggextions for a type or percent done by these guys for a nautical blue?
I did my IIP in a 35% chrome blue. It rocks.
^^^ that is correct.
just made my appt. for next week..

how many of you guys have gotten fix it tickets for the front?

im thinkin im gonna go %35 all around with brow.
they've been cracking down lately 3 of my friends have gotten tickets in the past couple of weeks. I went with 50% in the front and cops don't even glance at me, I wish I could go darker but I prefer not to be hassled by the cops. next week I might have the front windshield tinted a little too maybe 50% as well. It took the Tintpros like maybe 10 -15 minutes to do my driver passenger side windows.
they are in roseville. at the corner of riv3rsid3 and douglas.

but, i still go to the professional.

ps... the just did mike bibby's lambo. i saw the pictures.
so yeah im gonna leave the fronts the way they are, for legal reasons
we have a junglist and mori is a dj, spin off?? with a drum complement?? hehhehe
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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