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Sacramento Area Paint Shop

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Hey everyone.

I have been lurking for about a month or so. LaDolceVita (aka Jenna) recommended the site to me when I met her, as I was dropping my car off to have the SC installed.

That is by far the best add on.

At any rate, here is the sad part. I noticed last night a bit of paint missing from the left rear corner of my bumper. Some idiot scraped my car and didn't leave a note.

I took it to an autobody place that I have used in the past and they guess-timated $500 - 600 to fix it.

I am hoping someone here would know of a good, reputable and yet affordable body shop to get it fixed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Damon has a place he recommends, not necessarily because they're cheap, but because they do a great job. Of course, I can't remember the name of the place, but I will need to: I've got a bumper issue I need taken care of as well.
Isn't it Shanahan's?
hey kev - jenna mentioned you. here is the name and info for a damn good paint shop. i have been working with them for a couple years, and they are superb. dennis (the owner) is a class act and a perfectionist. they did the repair work on my tC (had to have a new front bumper painted and installed), and i would be surprised if anyone could say it is anything but factory painted. if you stop in there, just tell them damon at maita scion sent you in.

Shanahan's Auto Body & Paint
6211 Power Inn Rd, Sacramento, CA
(916) 381-7964
Thanks Damon, it is most appreciated.

Now, I just have to track down the person that did it and skin them alive!

Wait, I need to remember to keep my inside voice on the inside.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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