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RUMORED Supra Pics!

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Has anyone else seen these pics?

#1 looks like a MR-2 takeoff.
#2 looks like new retro 60's musclecar.
#3 looks like a Mercury Cougar.
#4 looks too Italian.
#5 looks RX-8ish.
#6 looks SWEET!!!
#7 looks the same as #6 with rear quarter panel changes.
#8 & #2 are the same.
#9 looks like the 96? Probe just redesigned.
#10 looks just plain weird.
#11 is a little reminiscent of the early Supra/Celica
#12 looks like an MR-2/96 Celica.
#13.... i dunno.
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2007 Toyota Supra
On Sale : Unknown
Rumors suggest that this is the version of the next-gen Supra that is most likely to hit production, if at all. Drawing from the 1960s 2000GT, this retro-themed Supra may receive anything from a boosted V6 to a V8, or even a V12 in its top form. Though Toyota deny it, the Supra definitely will make a comeback in the near future.[/b]

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curious... why does the link say, but it goes elsewhere?
thats where I got the link from & couldn't remember what the actual page name was immediately after i closed the window. sorry
Thats too ugly, reminds me of the past Saturns.
LOL... I like the white one... I think it looks mean. I dont know if It would be a good idea for toyota to bring back the supra. I'm just not sure there would be a market for it. I guess it would depend on a lot of things... starting with price. I've heard soo many rumors about the Supra's return... but I just don't see how it would help toyota. I thought the reason why toyota 'created' scion was to keep toyota as the "when you grow up cars" and make scion for the "young and the restless". I don't know. I'd love to see it... but at the same time... i dont know that it would be a worthwhile venture for toyota.
Because Supras are still widely sought after for projected tuning jobs. Last Gen Supras can go for 18K, thats incredible. (Manual transmission mind you) If Toyota did bring back the Supra, I'm sure it will be meant for tuning. Which will appeal to many.
looks like the maserati coupe in some of those pics
#8 reminds me of the aston martin vantage
hrm. their all ugly.

but the supra should have a v8.

having "heard" a few things.

the chassis will probably be shared to the lexus conv currently like the sc-430. except they might have it totally redesigned at the time so no telling if its the current chassis they will use or the new one for both. also the same v8 will be in the supra that will be in this lexus conv..
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