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I just picked up my RS 1.0 on May 25th. I was really excited that I was getting yokos on my car, until i went into a hard corner. I really like yokohama tires. I had a set of 185/65 R14 AVS ES 100s on my old corolla and those tires were awesome. I found the limit of the suspension (scraping mirrors and such) way before the tires broke loose. The AVS dBs however kinda suck. They are no where near as sticky as the ES100s. I understand that the AVS dB are "all season" tires and the ES100s aren't but i will gladly change my wheels and tires every winter if it means i will have awesome grip in the warmer months.

My point is I am not purchasing the Yoko AVS dBs again.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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