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Rough shifts from 1st to 2nd?

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Hello does anyone have or get a wierd feeling or noise when you shift from first to 2nd when the car is cold? Or even when you rev it high like 4K?

I am having this issue, i am taking it into the dealer tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone is having simliar issues so i can print it out and show them, i am not the only one. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Ok well....i took it in to the it's just time to wait.

Yes, mine does this. Please read the above thread for more info. Btw, I'm still waiting for my new transmission, and I had it diagnosed well over a month ago now.
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Yea i have the problem too.... my father tells me its because im not shifting it completely properly but its only from 1st to 2nd.... downshifting from 3rd to 2nd is fine......
I get that once in a while, when that happens I put the clutch in all the way...
yea its not every shift just once in a while.... is it just me cuz its my first manual car or is it the same as seriths problem? lemme know
how do you shift from 1st to 2nd? I'm not sure about the tC but I would gas out, clutch in, blimp the gas, shift, and clutch out
thats how i shift... and the weird feeling of goin into 2nd is only from 1st 2 2nd i dunno
Same with my tc. If i let of the cluth to quick it gets a bit rough, but now it usually doesn't happen becuase ive gotten used to smoothin it out.
not sure what you all are talking about...however, i myself have ONLY driven manuals the whole 10 years i have been driving and i noticed something weird with this car.

going from first to second and second to third there would be a hesitation and a "click cli cick" sound every once in a while. i took it to the main dealer here in town and had a "ride along" with the head tech. he drove the car on a flat newly paved road and reenacted the sound and had no clue what it was. infact he too said "thats a new one, that will take a while to figure out". so i take it back to have it fixed and apparently he calls toyota and drives a couple other 06's and they found it as "normal operation". meaning its normal.....dunno, me i find it a bit weird, maybe its just this transmission....
First gear in these cars is very steep and a lot of people (including myself) found it tough to get used to at first. After having the car for a year, it doesn't give me any trouble at all.
Many standard transmissions are rougher when cold and seem to smooth out a bit after a short time driving, more noticeably in winter.
This of course doesn't mean you aren't having a valid problem, just that it may be simply a matter of not being used to the normal behavior of the car yet. Sort of like when someone first gets a car with a standard transmission and thinks there is something wrong because they occasionally can't get it into reverse from a stop. Perfectly normal, but easy to mistake for a problem.
Yea, i have that problem with getting into reverse once ina while. Kinda gets on my nerves, but oh the one who signed up for manual.
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Originally posted by JP'sTc@Nov 28 2005, 12:23 PM
Yea, i have that problem with getting into reverse once ina while. Kinda gets on my nerves, but oh the one who signed up for manual.
This is nothing new w/ Toyota's... the Rav4 had this problem consistently. Sometimes it wouldn't go into 1st or reverse. If you pop it back into neutral and clutch in/out and then try going back into gear it works fine. I think it has something to do with trying to prevent you from going into reverse when you are in 1st and vice-versa. Possibly to protect the transmission? No clue to be honest, maybe lo bux will have some enlightenment to that specific issue. Also switching to Redline MTL transmission fluid makes it hella better.
I just realized I haven't driven stick for a really long time and I can't remember if... when you blip the throttle during an upshift... does releasing the clutch while still on the throttle defy the whole point of letting off the throttle before you clutch in?
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Nov 28 2005, 07:27 PM
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lol It's been a few months since I last see a clutch.. I'm not sure but when you let go of the clutch... is okay to have your foot on the gas at the same time?

If so why do we take our foot off the gas and then clutch in?

Would it matter if we clutch in first and then take our foot of the gas?

(Sorry I only learned how to drive stick over the summer and I haven't seen a manual transmission car from the inside since school started)
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Nov 28 2005, 07:27 PM
Was that in reference to me or kidazn?

kidazn: Not letting off the gas while clutching in-out is called power shifting, I do believe we have discussed the detriments about this on the site... so do a search. For gas mileage, it's best to let off the gas, clutch in, shift, clutch out and gently apply throttle. Now this doesn't work so well when you are drag racing, so power shifting is often used then.
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I know what power shifting is... I was just wondering why it's okay to gas and release the clutch.. while it isn't okay to release the clutch when you're gassing it... so my question is still.. unanswered..
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