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roseville dyno meet...

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If you are interested in a dyno meet, there is one coming on 1/28 at D2 motorsports at Roseville. It will be $40 for 3 pulls. starting at 9am to whenever. there will be free food provided (not sure what yet)

Any car is welcomed to come (i think it can do 4wd dyno too). I sure will be there to see who all comes. so far there will be a few "J-bodies, LS1's, a supra, etc.

Just as usual, no burn out, no stupid act, and no disrespect of others, and just behave yourself. thanks.

Date: 1/28/06
Time: 9am to whenever
Location: 1250 Plumber Way, Roseville, CA 95678
$$: $40 for 3 pulls.

It'd be great if allot of you nor-cal guys could come and visit. i am going to show up around 12:00. we will all hang out for a while and then all take a drive up to auburn to round table. we will eat, take some more pix, and hang out. if you are interested, i'd love to see you guys show up. please let me know if you are willing to come.
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thanks for the heads up. i wouldnt mind showing up. i think i can clear the 28th. good info.
that'd be great. i wont embarrass myself and pull, but id love to see the supra and the LS1's go at it. how do you think your s/c'd TC will do?
i am going to say i will show about 190whp. the 28th is also the first NorCal Night Drive of the year, and i have to work around my shop's schedule, but i am hoping to get there.
Sounds fun. I may go since I havn't been to a dyno meet before.
Hmm, actually now I'm not sure if I'll be working then. If I'm not working I'll prolly show up around 11 or 12.
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