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Wow and I thought I was the only one that had this noise...all I can say is BE CAREFUL taking it to the dealerships for repair. I took my TC to Kearny Mesa Toyota and I could not believe what they did to my brand new car. After two attemps to fix it they told me that they had to spot weld the roof. So I dropped off the car and they had to take it to a body shop. After 5 days and the night before I was going to leave for San Francisco, they told me that my car was ready. I went and picked it up and noticed that there was crinckles in the headliner. The next morning I went out and got in my car and could not believe what I saw in the light. They had not only crinckled the headliner but they destroyed in interior of my car. There was blood on the headliner, there was grease everywhere, it looked like the car had been stolen. All the grab handles and hooks had been pryed off and broken. When I went to the dealership to go off on them all they were going to do for me was ensure that they would fix it and to drive the car on my trip anyway because there was nothing mechanicaly wrong with the car. Long story short when I got back they had the car again for a week and had to replace the headliner, both grab handles, both hooks, the back panel on the lift gate, the whole sunroof and light consol. It came to $1633.00 and the rattle was still there. I told them what it was when I took it in the first time and they did not listen. It is the domelight over the rear seat. They finally ordered me one and put it in and the rattle is now gone.
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