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Roll out from the Scion Central to Tracy;Stop in p

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Don't wanna get lost going to tracy? Wanna roll with a scion crew to tracy? Than come on over to the Scion Central located in sunny Milpitas,CA I will be leading some scions to tracy but before we arrive we will meet up with some folks in Pleasanton to pick up some more scions at the movie theaters parking lot. Hacienda Crossings. Any questions, comments, suggestions, post up or PM me.

The Scion Central
1339 Minnis Circle

Hacienda Crossings.
5000 Dublin Blvd.
Dublin, CA, 94568

The Plan:
We will be leaving the Scion Central at 8:30am
Arriving at the Hacienda Crossings at 9:15am
Departing Hacienda Crossings at 9:45am
Arriving at Tracy Toyota 10:30am
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Too bad we'll be coming from the opposite direction, but I'll see you there Gabe

Anyone else from Sac going to this?
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i might if other people from the forum are going.
wasup just got mines on sat just wondering if I could tag along....
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