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Road Trip Report

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I took my first road trip in the tC this weekend, driving nearly 900 miles round trip to St. Louis. Made decent time considering there were a ton of cops on the road with the holiday weekend and all, but I was forced to stay close to the posted speed limits ...

Anyway, the main thing to report was my gas mileage. I went through two tanks of gas and averaged approximately 28 mpg, which included some driving in town and in traffic. I thought that was pretty outstanding, considering the estimated mileage is much less.

The car was very comfortable to drive the 6 hrs each way, and I have no complaints at all about the performance of the car during the trip. Makes me want to get out on the road again soon!
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Very cool. I'm excited about taking a road trip soon myself.
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mm-hmm....I second that, I went upstate NY last weekend in my tC with a few friends (3 hours each way) and it was extremely comfortable, two of my friends fell asleep in the rear reclined seats, and the ride on the hwy was amazing. Didn't even feel the speed, this thing's so solid. Sorry to hijack the thread, just my .02.
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