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Hello Everyone. I own a 2012 scion tC automatic as my daily driver. I am having a problem with reverse. When the car first starts up reverse works normally for the first 15-20 minutes until the engine warms up but after the car reaches optimal operating tempature reverse will not engage while all the other gears work normally. If i pull the ebrake and let the car warm up in reverse the R gear will stay engaged until I shift to a different gear or nuetral but the transmission will not re-engage to reverse until I shut the car off and let it cool back down to cold. I live in Maine and currently cannot get an inspection sticker due to reverse not engaging after the vehicle has warmed up. the transmission fluid is red and not smelling burned & the transmission does not slip at all. the car is in very good condition and has 140,000 miles, once in a long while reverse will work for a whole day and then go back to only working when the engine is cold. the problem started 1 year ago and has not gotten any worse or any better. I cannot drive this until I get an inspection sticker because I keep getting tickets due to the sticker and need to address the issue. I have taken my scion tC to multiple mechanics and no one wants to properly address the problem, they just want me to pay 3,500.00$ to swap the transmission on a perfectly good car which I cannot afford. the transmission fluid is not low and not over filled, no leaks. I am truly stumped on this problem any insight will be helpful, I am mechanically inclined. Thank you for your time! - Josh.
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