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reporting for duty

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what's up everyone?

just put my downpayment on a silver steak mica last night. car is on it's way to the dealership as i type this, and i should have it by wednesday! i'm trading in my 2001 maxima. damn, i love that car, but time for a new one. The tc is saving me a boatload of money in gas/insurance/car payments. i'm just psyched to be joining the tc ranks. only accessories i added was the auto-dimming mirror (have one in my maxima - and it's like cable tv, once you have one, you can't live without it) lip spoiler and the 6 disc indash. i used to design and install car stereo systems for a living, so i'm gonna replace the speakers, run some wires for a couple amps and some 10" subs, but wanna keep the factory stereo look. i'm also gonna have the car dropped, it'll will be a few weeks though. but holy crap, does it need to be dropped. i've never had a car lowered before, and didn't even cross my mind until i saw the tc in person... it's like they have stilts under there or something. imho, they should really do something about that for the 2006 model as it seems everyone and their mother is dropping this car. anyway, just wanted to thank everyone on this board for helping me out, because whethere you realize it or not, you've been an invaluable part of my decision making process. see ya on the streets!
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Congrats on the purchase, welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy your tC
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Originally posted by Wolo@Mar 4 2005, 03:27 PM
Welcome and congrats on the ride.
Word up.
Welcome. Your love affair is just beginning.
And thanks everyone on this board for also helping ME to make the decision to buy one of these Total Cars. You did not lead me astray.
Welcome and good deal on the beginnings of purchasing your tC.
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You hit this one twice
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