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replacing the grounding kit....

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Hey everyone, i've been reading about different grounding kits available for the tC and other cars. Does it make a difference on performance/gas mileage/ brighter lights, better audio, etc? I appreciate any input.

Here's one site i found on the classifieds section:

is that stuff legit?

Also here's an example of a ground kid for sale on ebay:

Lemme know what you guys think.
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I know for a fact that the HKS Circle Earth Kit works wonders for increasing the efficiency of the electrical systems in a car. As for other grounding kits, I'm only familiar with the HKS Circle Earth.

Another add-on that I am planning adding is the HKS Twin Power DLI. Its a distribution enhancer thats supposed to increase HP by about 5-10.

Check them out.
thanks, tripeclipse. How do they affect the gas mileage? Does it enhance it or make it worse? For me that's a big factor.
HKS Twin Power DLI

4301-SA005 ALL ; Vehicle Specific (contact an HKS Authorized Dealer for applications) $645.00

^^ Ouch, that definitely hurts the pocket.
is the HKS Circle Earth, or other grounding kids for that matter, tough to install? Could I do it myself?
the Circle Earth would most likely increase your Gas Mileage a tad, It helps the ignition as well as a lot of other components.

The Grounding Kits are really easy. All you have to worry about is height Clearance.
Yeah the Twin Powers are kinda pricey, but they do wonders for ignition.
I could probably get some deals on it but it could take a while.
Originally posted by tripeclipse@Jul 29 2004, 11:15 AM
the Circle Earth would most likely increase your Gas Mileage a tad, It helps the ignition as well as a lot of other components.

The Grounding Kits are really easy. All you have to worry about is height Clearance.
what height clearance are you talking about? Also, what's involved in the installation of the grounding kit?
the height clearance between grounding kits positive terminal and the underside of the hood.

It's basically just replacing the positive terminal with the grounding kits terminal station and then attaching the grounding wires to that station and then finding good solid mounts for the wires to ground to (ie. the Engine Block, and/or 5 points of the frame)
does the grounding kit come with instructions?
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depends... made in Japan? you might get japanese instructions heheh j/k

yes they do.. or they should
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ok, dude, thanks for your advice. Once i get my tc, i'll order the HKS kit.
my pleasure man!
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oh, another thing: exactly how does the grounding kit work? what does it do that makes the efficiency of the electrical system better?
It decreases resistance because of the material of the terminal and wires. So in essance, electricity flows better.
ok, cool! Thanks again.
I don't know about the mileage and/or HP thing with these kits...that's questionable. Sure, your electrical system is running more efficient, but a noticeable difference in power or mileage? I dunno. Defineately not worth the money IMHO, especially when you can DIY.

You can effecrtively do the same thing with two short pieces of 4 awg cable and four ring terminals. Replace both the Batt(-) to chassis and the engine block to chassis ground wires (small 8 or 10 awg wires) with the 4 awg cable cut to the proper length and crimp AND solder the ring terminals to the cable. These are the two weakest links in the electrical system and by replacing them, you have now increased your current capacity and decreased the resistance of your entire electrical system by about 4X's. And you only had to spend about $4.00!!

BTW - This is also recommended if you are running a high power amp system with any car.
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hmmmm.......interesting option. I just might consider it.
Damn Alpman.. You are a McGuyver!
If its really that easy i might just do the same. =)
I can tell you from personal experience that grounding kits do make a difference. With my old talon I have dyno sheets to prove that I gained about 3 HP from the grounding kit. It also evened out my idle completely. Further more, the radio worked better, there was no dimming of lights when the radio up, my power windows went up faster, and the car's throttle responce seemed much better. Also, I can tell you buying those kits from E-Bay are a rip. Go to home depot, get some 8 gauge wire, and some round terminal ends and as long as you have a vice and some wire cutters its very simple to do. Just plan it out. You usually start with the factory ground from the (-) terminal on the battery to the chassis and go from there. I also grounded the intake manifold, the fuel rail, and a few other places. Basically where ever there is a ground and an extra screw on metal, use it. I think I had 6 or 7 ground wires added and man, it made a difference.
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