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This is not hard to do. Just take your time if you want good results. Ill try to post some pics up asap.

Heat emblem with hairdryer. Once is it hot you should be able to get under it and peel it off. Yes, most of the tape will still be on the car. Peel as much of the tape off as possible and spray G00G0ne and get the rest of the crap off. When your done it should look like the rest of your paint, clean with no scratches.
As for painting the emblem you should first sand it down with a fine grit sand paper. Make sure you get every square inch. Once it is all smooth(should take 15 min to sand if you do it right) you can spray with plastic primer from home depot. The brand is Rust-oleum. If your a noob at spray painting make sure you hold the can far away. Let it dry for a full day. With CLEAN hands inspect the emblem before painting. if there is any non-smooth parts sand it smooth. You can now paint with spray paint. Let this dry for another day.
To remount emblem you need 3M exterior mounting tape(home depot again). Put the emblem face down and apply to the tape to back. Cut off excess very carfully with razor blade. Peel off the red layer on tape to reveal stickiness. Remount to car.

Very simple, use common sense, dont use screwdriver to pry off decal, let it dry for longer than you normally would and be gentle.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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