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I did it. I used 2 mini switches and some metal brackets to make safety switches for my Clifford Matrix 3.5RS alarm with remote start. The same type switches that have the thin metal arm that are used for some nitrous applications can be used to make neutral safety switches. I'll have to take sme pics. What I did is used the alarms nuetral safety switch wire as input. The e brake supplies the ground needed when up. So I tapped into the ebrake wire then ran that through the switches that are normally closed (N.C.) to the alarm. When the ebrake is released or the shifter moves left or right it disconnects the wire from ground. Thus stopping the remote start. I need to make sure it works for 3rd and 4th. I know it works for 1,2,5,R. I also put on a on/off switch in series just incase someone borrows the car. PM for picks since I don't know how to post pics here.
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