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Release Colors Confirmed

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Hey all!

Just setting up my preferences for my customers when I came across this stuff:

2006 tC RS2.0 color code: Blue Blitz Mica 08Q1

2006 xb RS3.0 color code: Envy Green (great name) 06U1

2006 xA RS3.0 color code: Not Posted Yet

I thought that was some cool info, so there ya go![/b]

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ed's steel banana

but i think the RSX blue is just right
I know someone that's already ordered the RS 3.0 xB - Shamrock Green.
so any info on the release date and price and so on?
Probably Spring '06 - around the same time the RS 2.0 xA & xB came out, and the RS 1.0 tC
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Nov 17 2005, 08:05 PM
Jon Lancaster
Scion Manager
Capital Scion, Chattanooga, TN
[email protected], 1-800-476-0661
this is where I got it
Once again, my dealer is up on ScionZZZLife reprezentin' da troof.
That blue is boring. But it could be worse -- it could be that godawful green.
I don't mind that green at all, actually... it's better than that green color on the new VW Beetles...

Plus the person I know that ordered the xB in green is a sweet girl that's really pretty as well
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^^and what does that have to do with anything?
Hey, havin a hot girl that likes cars to talk to (and possibly go further with) is dang nice
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My favorite color is blue and I plan on getting my tC in nautical blue, but if this new release is cool.... i'll regret getting my tC so early..
the blue on the rsx would be sweet. its going to be some kind of bright blue that stick out im sure....
we established that its the color in the first post
I like that blue.
RS 3 xB color is approximately this, I think.

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ohhh that greeeen is sexy
That's what I thought... And what my lady says too.. that's why she ordered it
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Heh, doesn't look bad but I wouldn't buy it.
Fot the pics of it from the dealer...will post them omentarily...
I wanna see! If you need a place to host 'em, lemme know.
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