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Whats up people,
Im in the process of installing my Hornet 564T remote start alarm. I have a question however about the factory keysense and the remote start. Basically I have a DirectWire Wiring information chart in front of me and it says the following:

Keysense----> Black-----> -(negative)------> Ignition Harness
Notes: Using the status output to trigger this wire during remote start will disarm the factory alarm without unlocking the doors.

Now with that being said the directions in the Hornet book talk about the factory disarm output which sends a negative output everytime the remote start is activated or the doors are unlocked. It says that this wire can be used to pulse the disarm wire of the vehicles factory antitheft device. However It says to use a relay to send the negative pulse to the dissarm wire. It shows a diagram where basically you have :

-----------o_____coil_____o----------factory disarm output from hornet brain

ground---------0----> \<----o--------nothing???

to Disarm (-) wire-------\

so what it looks like to me is there is a constant +12v to the relay and whenever the negative pulse from the hornet comes it caused the circuit to be completes and lets the key sense get the negative pulse it needs to start.

Is this right or do I even need a relay? From lookig at the DirectWire note it looks to me like I can just connect the status output (-) from the relay satellite directly to the keysense wire. Which one should I do? I do not have a factory alarm system other than the keysense security. ( I use that term loosley)

Also if I do need a relay for this or for the hatch release or for the dome light supervision will this one sufice??
Radio Shack P/N 275-248
12VDC coil
10A @120VAC/24VDC
coil voltage:
Nominal: 12VDC
Maximum: 15.6VDC

Nominal coil
current: 30mA

coil resistance: 400 ohms

PS: the narmal pulses for these relays will be 200mA but I couldnt find a relay that was rated for that so I got the one above with 30mA nominal current. Is this going to work??

thanks alot
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