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relationship between vvt-i and vtec or i-vtec?

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was just wondering if there were, if any, similarities between the two types of engines? i know vvt-i is toyota's version of vtec for honda but i dont know much about toyota (first time owning a toyota/scion) i know vtec engage's at a certain rpm level. in my tc, does vvt-i (or however it is said) engage at a certain rpm level similar to vtec? i'm really foreign about toyota engines so if i sound ignorant as hell i'm sorry. i just would like to understand more about the topic.. thanks in advance..
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vvt-i doesn't engage like vtec's always on (as far as I know).
VTEC engages a rocker arm extension and makes a small cam act like a large cam which is the sudden engeagement. i-VTEC does the same only it adds VTC (Variable Timing Control) which advances or retards the intake cams timing.

VVT-i is basically like hondas is constantly adjusting the intake cams timing. VVTL-i is the same thing as i-VTEC, it adjusts the intake cam timing and the has "lift" whwhich makes the small cam act like a big cam at a certain engagement point
exactly. welcome to the site, zero. good explanation.
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