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hey everyone, just wanted to grab everyones attention about lambo doors from redrum customs. Especially to the tC owners on my team and to the scion community, i recently purchased Lambo Doors from their company. Actually my girlfriends for those who know her. I brought it in to my shop, which is Imagine Audio. The person who works there that works on my car, is Vimean Hing, for those who know him his scion life name is oneslowxa. Now the 1st time that i brought my car into the shop, they started working on it. everything was going good until they tried to put my fender back on, and there was a major gap, and i'm talken about like half in gap at the top end of my fender to my door. Vimean and the rest of the team tried everything they could to get it to work. but it won't budge, so what had happen was that i had to return it to the company for an exchange because they said it was a factory welding defect. So the next day i went up which was the day of the picnic(which i freaking missed!) to go up to the shop and do the exchange in haskell nj. The approx. drive was 2 and a 1/2 hours there. Spent almost about 90 bucks on gas, since i had to drive my mom's car. Since i was soo nice of a guy, i actually saved them money from shipping it back to them and back out to me. So i get there and had the kits lined up, what the problem was... is that the factory welded one was a quarter inch higher than the one they had instock. So okay, i thought everything was all solved. Did the exchange, but before i left... i had asked the manager, which was Wade... has this every happen to any of the kits? wade tells me nope, and told me they sold hundreds! key word HUNDREDS! to tC's. Kinda knew that was a false statment to try to make themselves look good. Besides, how many tC's in the east cost have lambo doors? Def. not hundreds, i've only seen 2 so far.. from expsoed in NY. So i leave to head back home to drop off the kit back at the shop. Vimean works on it for a bit, and messages me later on saying that it was doing the samething again!. This morning they worked on everything today and resulted was nothing!!!!!!! basically what im trying to say is redrum customs sold me 2 defective kits. and obviously, i had to pay the shop for the labor and time they spent on it. the total came out to $600.00, now this was a special charge, the actual amount was even more than that. Now so i'm paying money for them to take off my door and put back on. Don't you guys think it's unfair for me? Shouldn't the door kit company pay for the labor? they've given me 2 defective kits. What was major problem was that in order to get the kit to fit correctly they only used 3 bolts outta 4, which was really dangerous and a safety hazzard, also the washers that came with the kit was bending in befored even torqued all the way. Now tell me how dangerous that is? So i've talked the manager of redrum customs. I approached them very nice and kind, all i wanted was money back on the labor or atleast some kind of way to work things out. All he could have done for me was sale me another kit for the tC made by VERTICAL DOORS INC. for $1000.00. I mean thats great deal, but i'm still loosing money! And if i did go with the deal, i have to pay for more labor and time. soo for all you people looking for lambo doors, try to avoid this company. I'm sure their gonna be posted up on scion life. Thanks, for hearing my out, just thought as a memeber i warn my fam. But my current mood is

Pictures to prove:

Door hinge bolted on car

Quarter inch gap with top bolt removed

Missing top bolt[safety hazard]

No hydrolic to fit okay pt.1

No hydrolic to fir okay pt.2

Fit without hydrolic

Best fit they got.
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Damn that's ####ed up man. Thanks for the heads up tho cuz eventually, I wanna put lambo doors on my flint mica when I get it.
i was considering putting them on my sw
i keep seeing cheap kits on ebay for like 350 dollars?
any thoughts?
Remember peeps you get what you pay for, there is a reason why some kits cost more
The cheapest kits I have seen are 900.00 and thats because it was a whole salers cost. Becareful with what kits you get. Some kits arn't actual made for the car and require you to roll the fenders. LSD makes a good kit that doesn't require any body work but they haven't come out with a model for the tC as of yet.

Here are problems I have heard from other people with lambo doors.

Gas shocks in the winter you can keep them open and in the summer time they are a pain the close.

Any door kit that sells for 350.00 is probably not the safest thing. You don't want your door to fall off or be ripped off while driving down the highway.
maybe they drink 'red rum' when they make em.
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Eh, lambo doors are cool but they belong only on certain cars...
IMO lambo doors are a pain. I have seen them get stuck on more than one occasion
They do respond to weather very oddly sometimes. My question for all you guys that want lambo doors, are you showing your cars? If not why would you want something to draw even more attention to your car....just says come get me to a theif.
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Originally posted by phungy@Aug 16 2005, 08:10 PM
Eh, lambo doors are cool but they belong only on certain cars...
could that be why the word "lambo" is in there?
personally doors like that have no appeal to me (unless i owned a lamborginni, then i wouldn't mind
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lol even the lamborghini gallerdo doesnt have lambo doors. only half (1 of the 2 cars they make) actually have lambo doors, the murcielago.

I think that lambo doors look good, just not on the tc, the design doesnt lend itself to lambo doors. on a 350z or any other non-convertible sports car, lambo doors look cool. they don't look good on suv's no matter what shaq thinks. lol
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actually, the correct name for them are scissor doors.
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Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Aug 16 2005, 07:37 PM
actually, the correct name for them are scissor doors.
Oh really?!

I was waiting outside Best Buy during Black Friday and saw a Celica with lambo doors, it was funny because the girl that was trying to get out of the passenger side had trouble opening and closing the door and the passenger sitting in the back almost hit her head LOL.
Yah, especially when the struts stiffen up, pulling them shut is quite a biiiiiiattttch, mu buddies caprice has them
I learned about how bad those gas shocks are at a car show. Guy had a stick holding his up.

Now Gull Wings those are HOT! haha
man, that sucks. there seems to be a HUGE number of ####ty mfgs out there for every car, and the tC is no different. for all the aftermarket support that is out there, i honestly believe that about 20% is actually legitimate and quality. thing is, when you start messing around with door seals and body panel fitments and such, it rarely if ever comes out as nice as it did from the factory. part quality and shop install quality are the culprits 9 times out of 10. good luck, i hope you get that resolved.
If "normal" aftermarket manufacturers screw up relatively simple things like bodykits and door kits, I wonder how good the turbos are. If a piece of a kit falls off - screw it, but what if the turbo kit is designed just as well as these lambo door kits? And then people are saying that TRD SC "is not worth it - turbos are same price and give more power". More power to you.
^^^ werd.
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