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red light enhancements

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Could someone possibly post night shots of the led light enhancements? ive searched everywhere for pictures of that but cant find any.
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is this what ur lookin for?

no im looking for the optional accessory that lights up around the feet area and the cupholders when you turn the switch on. but thanks for trying
oh, just so you know, it does not come in red for the tC. it only comes in blue or amber.
Which color would you prefer: blue or amber? Blue doesn't really match yet gives it an extra demension while amber blends in and matches (both still enhance).
of course, a swap out of the LED's and they could be any color you want.
here is some blue that i installed can find any color led and neon bars that u want on the internet and just install them urself.

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That looks really good. Was it hard to install and do instructions come with it? I'm not the best when it comes to working with cars.
yeah those look very cool at night time. halewafa you can buy them at for about $122 right now and it does come with instructions. but it looks like a lot of work for a newbie like me so i just having them installed by dealer. that will run you $250
a little blurry but will try another one soon
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