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Recommended Dealers in Sarasota/Bradenton area

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I am moving to Sarasota/Bradenton FL area in less than 2 weeks and I am looking to buy a 06 Scion TC. I was wondering if any one in the area can recommend a good dealer or two for me to check out since I am not familiar wtih the area. Thanks!!!
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Well, I'm not sure about Sarasota/Bradenton, but I live in Tampa. I bought my tC from Stadium Toyota on Dale Mabry Highway. So if you're willing to go about 45 minutes north, they'll hook you up.
hey, thanks for the info. Do you by any chance know if buying in Tampa or in my area will have a difference in the administration fees? (Since scion tc have a no haggle price). Also, do you know any car shops in Tamap or my area that install spoilers and other stuff for scion? Originally I am thinking about getting the pedastal spoiler, but it seemed like a huge hassle since it has to be installed seperate so I am thinking about installing it else where. Since I am not familliar with the area, any input will be greatly appreciated
Thanks ahead of time. Also, to the moderator, sorry about double posting. First time posting, didn't know the rules.
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Germain Toyota of Sarasota. See Pete Palmier Hes a good guy and thats where I got my tC
I bought mine in Bradenton @ Gettel Toyota. Rick O'Leary was my salesman. He was super nice & did not pressure me at all.
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