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Rear-view Mirror Removal

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Anyone have any tips for removing the rear-view mirror? I am installing an auto-dimming mirror in its place. I would like a little more than the instructions: "With both hands, Grab Mirror firmly on both sides and pull downward sharply until mount releases from windshield button".

Thanks in advance...
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Well, instructions are pretty good. That's exactly what you are supposed to do. Worked for me.
What kind of instructions are you looking for? The thing is glued on there.
Glued on? I was under the impression that it was a wedge mount and that the wedge would be glued on.

What holds the oem mirror to the button? Do you know if the oem mirror can be put back on if needed?
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It's held by a U-shaped wire spring, so it can definitely be put back together. Be brave
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Yeah, did I mention I never looked at how it was held on there? Apparently knowing what you are talking about is important.
Thanks for the help guys... auto-dimming mirror installed!
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