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Rear lip spoiler defective batch

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i know we have discussed this rear lip spoiler thing a lot already but i just went back to my dealer yesterday to have them look at the second brand new spoiler that they installed on my tc becasue it is defective or not installed correctly again. my dealer is being very nice and cooperative about the whole issue. unfortunately they have no idea what is wrong with it, and neither do i. the right side doesn't fit flush with the car and is lifted off of the car to the point where you can stick a piece of cardboard under the gap. the left side fits flush right onto the car as it is supposed to. this is the second brand new spoiler that they have installed on my car and the same problem occured both times. they took pictures and are going to contact toyota/scion and try to find out what the problem is. so far the only thing that the dealer thinks could be the problem is that there has been a bad batch of spoilers that aren't molded correctly and that was what was wrong with the 2 that they installed on my car. i have no idea whether this is true or not but at this point i have no other idea what is wrong. has anyone else had this same type of problem?
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You sure its not your tC thats defective?? Just a thought... cause its wierd that both spoilers don't sit flush against your car. Hmm..

Oh post some pics of the defect...
i was thinking the same thing a bit. maybe the hatch is defective. i'll see if i can get some pics on later.
yah, just was I was about to post... perhaps they could try it on another hatch lid & see if it fits the same way before mounting it on yours...
good luck!
Sounds like the hatch.
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