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Rear Dome Light Getting really hot...

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Ok, so I was cleaning the interior of my car today, and when I got to the back seats the dome lights had been on for maybe 10 minutes. I reached up to flip the switch to "off" and felt heat coming off the dome light with my hand just near it. When I actually put my finger on it, it was HOT. Not just warm, but HOT. So hot in fact, that I've decided to just leave the switch on the "off" position. Anyone wanna check their car and confirm this? It kinda scared me.
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I think it's normal. (maybe)

It happened alot with my Dad's old Chrysler Minivan, and my moms current Ford Explorer 2000.

10 Minutes is alot.
Yeah, 10 minutes is alot, but it mean it was REALLY hot. I'm just going to leave it off. Normal or not, I don't like the idea of that bulb getting that hot
i never noticed it with mine, i mean the bulbs got hot, but it didn't seem abnormal. but i didn't leave them on that long either. you could switch to led
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The lens does get quite hot, but not hot enough to melt anything or start a fire. This is normal.
Its normal. Light gives off heat.
Its normail. swap it for LED's if you really worried.
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