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Really weird situation.. ?

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MA Audio HK2000D

Listen to this, I bought this amp brand new off of an ebay seller. I received the package and it looked good, so I kept it. I just had it installed today, and when the guy first hooked it up it was hitting madd hard, and then when he shut the trunk it went off. So I tried for 2 hours to try and get it back on and only the slave RCA connecter works sometimes. So as I drove home, it was just hitting alittle bit, just highs, nothing would work not even the gain knob for the amp. In my drive way we started messing with the manual gain knob on the amp, and just unplugging everything and all of the sudden it started working fine, I mean it was really nice. Then I shut my car off and eat dinner, came back out and it wont work now. Everyone is saying it is the amp that is messed up, do you think that is the case? I believe that the wiring is good so I think the problem is the amp. If anyone knows anything please reply, thanks.
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Yup, I still never buy off of Ebay.
It sounds like you got a refurbashed amp.

What size wiring are you using with that amp?
What color is the LED on top of the amp?

Those amps stay pretty cool because of the mesh casing so over heating shouldn't be a problem. Now why are you using the Master / Slave connector? You only use that when your running two amps.

It sounds like you got a bad amp, like I said get your money back and I'll set you up with a working one.
lol, always trying to make a sale.
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