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radio display

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i thought you could change the display color between 10 choices? am i an idiot cause i cant figure out how to do this?
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Only on a 6-disc changer.
all your problems can be solved if u do a search. this has been talked about
i did a search and didnt find anything,maybe wrong keywords? i do have only the single disc and xm radio ? could that be why
Originally posted by zoltiz@May 1 2005, 07:20 PM
Only on a 6-disc changer.
thanks zolitz
much apreciated
Any time. We are here to help. Don't be afraid to ask
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i was just re-iterating a fact. maybe it was the wrong keyword. just as zolitz said, dont be afraid to ask
My question isn't referring to the color but I thought i'd ask here since its regarding the radio display. I read on one of the scion magazine things that you can change the language on the screen.. my bf and I tried it a few times and couldnt get it. I dont have the book with me right now but has anyone been able to do it? I think I was trying to change it to Japanese
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