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I have V1. Use it on my frequent trips to TN. Got it about a month ago - looked like they cost more on eBay than from V1 website, btw, so they don't depreciate much.

Couple of examples from the month I had it:

Rural route somewhere near the GA/TN border, little towns put 40mph speed limits to milk travelers, late night. I'm going about 60 uphill. V1 starts beeping K-band ahead, gradually showing increasing strength of the signal. I slow down as I approach the top of the hill. See a squad car about 1/4 mile ahead parked on the side of the road, lights turned off.

Same road, about 30 miles further, little town, V1 beeps 2 X-band signals, then adds 3rd on K-band. Cop at a gas station 1/2 mile ahead.

Maryville, TN, 35mph road, going about 50-55, V1 starts beeping Ka-band from behind, look in the rear view mirror and see a local cop pulling out from a side road, and going in my direction. He was so far that if I did not see the signal, I would have never guessed he was there.

$400? Yes, but I can put it on eBay now and get all of it back. But I'd rather keep it and know what's going on AROUND me.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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