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Racing Video of the Houston Area

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Size - 94MB's
Duration - 8:14

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there were DEFINATELY traffic lawas violated.

nice video, nice cars
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soooo nice

Nice Vid. Although, even though I'm 20, and I guess I'm supposed to like loud, obnoxious music, I can't stand these vid's that have great cars and good races, and you can't hear them because of busta-what or Lil-whoever screamin' about f*ckin' hoes and smokin cloves...

edit* - realizing that statement might sound a little prejudice, I'll add the abnoxious hard rock screamo crap that is taking over the underground right now, created by "musicians" that knowing they can't sing, scream instead, and call it music.
Did it play Rap? I thought it was playing err, white music.

I usually prefer videos that play trance. Songs should be vocal-less, and the climax of a Trance song should be paired with a clip of something awesome.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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