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location: j-ville, florida
my cousin just got a 2002 black celica gt automatic. she told me a couple of months before she got that car, she wanted a black celica, so when she was going to but her first car, that 2002 black celica was the only one in j-ville they were selling so we jumped all over the car and bought it, so she owes big time. after she got used to driving the celica around, we were going from a Simon town center back to her house around 9 p.m. i was on my superwhite auto all stock tC and she was in her black celica gt all stock. we both stopped at a red light and we i rolled down my window asking her is she wanted to race, to see where her car stacks up against my tC. she gave me a mean face wanting to race, plus her friend in the passenger seat urged her to. GREEN LIGHT. my reaction time was a bit faster so i pulled ahead to a quick 1/2 car lead. i shifted to 2nd and i gained a little bit more of a lead, but she was still flooring the car a bit, cuz i heard her engine struggling against mine. i hit it to 3rd and hit close to 50 mph, then i went into 4th to just started to roll on 50 mph. then i saw her zooming past me going like 60+. after we had out mini race, i told her that i let her win, but she did not believe me.

the speed limit was 45 mph, so i am very paranoid about cops so i try not to go far too past the speed limit. i am also not much of a racer because i shifted on every gear at around 4000 rpms. this may not seem like a cool racing story, but i just thought i would share this little kill.

location: orlando, fl near alafaya trail (really bad looking roads)
i was driving around alafaya trail during the afternoon when this tealish gray 5-speed miata EWWWWWEEDDD through and cut me off, but he got stopped by the red light, so i went on the right lane to see who cut me off (we were both in front of the red light). it was this old man around 50 years old trying to hook up his miata. so we were both looking at each other urging to race. he beat me off the line cuz i kept looking at him and not the light. he had a very minor lead, and we both hit 2nd around the same time, and i was surprised he were still neck to neck, he hit 3rd before i did and started to inch ahead, but after i hit 3rd, the 163 lb. torque just took him out fast. i was like whoa! the torque was just so powerful. after that i had to make a right at the next stop light, so that was that.

as you all can see, all my races are just for fun, and not anything dangerous cuz of my paranoia of cops pulling me over for a speeding ticket. and yes, i didnt actually race any cars that are faster than the tC, but the feeling of beating a car with a specified speed limit is pretty cool in my book.

as a side note. i was coming back from orlando straight to my house in j-ville when a brand new bluish g35 with the spoiler and rims driven by an old rich looking guy in his mid 50s, with his wife and a friend in the back pulled up next to me right from the dealership at a stop light. he didnt notice my 160 hp tc, but i noticed his g35. green light turns on and he got me really bad. it wasnt even close. i had him at launch but he just roared ahead by like 5 miles. i guess he was just trying to test how fast his g35 was.
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