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link isn't working
and guessing that you've seen it Marty, I missed it by 2 minutes.
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It was/is a school bus drag racing at a drag strip in Jackson, SC. It went the entire way on its back two wheels with the front up in the air.
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was it a short bus?

link is working again, omg LOLOLOL

the bus has so much power that it has trouble getting to the start line. ROFL

people shouldn't nag on cheese buses so much anymore xD
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Nope -- full size.
1000 hp

9.58sec for 1/4 mile. O.O
I almost pee'd myself.. hahahahahah.
That is insane.
That is amazing. I wonder how much power that thing had?
Well, you know how much engine you can stuff into something that size? Lol.
That made my night!
its not a school bus...Its just a funny car with a school bus shaped frame.....Look at how small it is, I mean the people standing around are still taller then the car itself...its a funny clip but never fooled me for a second...
If we had busses like that I would've gone to school more often!
Cool Video!
Originally posted by onefunkyfreshdj@Jan 22 2006, 11:10 AM
If we had busses like that I would've gone to school more often!
Probably just once..
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That bus cant beat the BUS in SKYHIGH (The kids movie)...that bus in that movie could fly and had rocket boosters....forget n2o
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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