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Quick question!

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Well, first off, I would like to thank everyone that is a part of these forums for the insight that they have given in the realms of the scion tC.
Now for the question.....I have noticed while reading my owners manual that it states on many occasions (in yellow warning boxes) to contact the dealer before adding any audio equipment (ie: cd player, amplifiers...). Can anyone enlighten me on what problems I might run into, if any, while installing my Alpine HU? Or does anyone know the reason they put this warning so many damn places in the manual? I have an 06 tC with the side curtain airbags if that makes any difference. I desperately need something other than the stock system and I hope to get started as soon as my CDT components arrive sometime next week. If this topic has already been covered, I appologize in advance for being lazy....
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I have side airbags, if you check my sig you can see what I have installed. Also if you do a search there are pictures of my, alpmans, and soundguy's sub installs, all a little different but you get the drift. Also Alpman has a tutorial that will show you speakers installed in the door. It took me roughly 45 mins to completely take out the old stereo and install the new head unit. It took about 3 hours to do all the speakers. You will have no issues at all. They put that disclaimer in there to cover their asses. As long as you aren't an idiot you're install with go smoothly and quickly. Hope that helps

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