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I'm new here (obviously), so I thought I'd go ahead and start out by asking a little question. In a thread here, I saw a link to a Scion tC article. In there was a few pics. One really caught my eye. It's this one...

I can almost tell that these are TRD, but can somebody please confirm it for me? Also, are these available upon request from Scion dealers? I'd like to get some of when I eventually buy my own tC. Thanks for the help!
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Yeah, the wheels. Sorry about that.
I think those are thr 19" upgrades that are available through the dealership...theyre sweet, but seem a little overpriced at like 2500 i think...correct me if im wrong...
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Yeah, I think you're right, semrau.

Personally, I like the look of the 18" option....I think there is a pic of them on the site here somewhere (maybe the owner forum), but I'd have to do a little searching.

Have you seen those, Half Pain?
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