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Hey guys, I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but I did do a search. My boy just bought an '06 tc and I put his subs and amp in. He didn't want me to take apart his dash to get to the wiring so I took off his rear panels to wire the line output converter. My question is, would any of you guys have the color codes of the speaker wires for all the speakers in the car? Because there aren't any black lines on the wires showing a negative. If any of you can provide that I'd appreciate it.

The wires I see going to the rear speakers on the left side are white and brown, and on the right side are white and red, my first thought would be that the white ones are ground since that's the common color between the 2 speakers. But for some reason no matter how much I tune the line out converter or the amp, I'm getting so much interference and distortion. The subs and amp are brand new, and I've checked and rechecked my wiring. My only thought is the line out converter is wired wrong. So if one of you can provide me with color codes for the system I'd appreciate it.

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